Temple Construction Photo Gallery

Ancient Stone Architecture

  • Full Stone structure using 1,50,000 cubic feet of stone.
  • No iron used in the temple construction.
  • Shikhara Key Stone - single piece of stone weighing 80 Tons.
  • Garbha Griha - housing the Deities of Sri Radha, Sri Krishna and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
  • Temple room - 10,900 sq.ft - to accomodate 2,000 people (standing) or 1500 people (sitting).
  • 32 carved stone pillars (including quadruple musical ones) will decorate the main temple room.
  • 16 stone carved dioramas depicting Sri Krishna’s  lilas embellish temple’s sides.
  • Sthapathi’s assurance for  the longevity of theTemple is 1000 years.
  • Sumeru shikhara - represents the hub of the Universe around which the sun, moon, stars and luminaries in the firmament are rotating in their respective orbits under the direction of the Supreme Lord, represented by eternal Kala-cakra (time), which also influences our bodies.
  • Kurma, Sesa & Dig-gajas - the great tortoise (form of Lord Krishna) holds Ananta Sesa, a thousand hooded snake, Who holds the entire Universe on His hoods, accompanied by the Dig-gajas, the directional elephants, who support the Earth from above and below.

Front View

Front view

Rear View

Rear view

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