Sponsor a stone brick and Book your place in Vaikuntha!

"Your name will be carved in the stone brick which will be used in the construction of Lord Krishna’s temple″.  
Benefits of this pious act:

One who builds a temple of Krishna goes to heaven and never goes to hell. His hundred ancestors are also delivered to Vaikuntha. As long as the Stone brick remains in the temple of Hari, he will be honoured and adored and freed from all sins. – Agni Purana

1 Brick : Rs. 2000/- Name carved in the stone brick* 11 Bricks : Rs 22,000/-  All Above + Spiritual  books, Photo and Prasadam box  51 Bricks: Rs. 1,02,000/- All Above + Name enrolled in digital donor’s book displayed in the temple complex and opportunity to sit on the yajna for Prana Prathistha ceremony   101 Bricks: Rs. 2,02,000/- All Above + Srimad Bhagavatam Set or Krishna Art book  501 Bricks: Rs. 10,02,000/- All Above + Oppurtunity to sit for Prana Prathista Abhishekam – Name carved in Granite and displayed in prominent place in the temple complex 

A brick can be sponsored in the name of your parents, grandparents, children, relatives or for any occasions like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or other auspicious event in your family.

Hurry and book your brick today !!!

*The photo of the stone brick with your name carved will be sent to your by phone/email.
**Only one name per brick allowed.
***Payable by cheque/CASH for which a receipt will be issued.
For online donation click here Contact: 8124394128, 9442153427