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Please note that the minimum donation for each seva is
Rs. 501/-

The amount that you wish to donate, please enter in the box mentioned in the " your donation " column. :-

Prasadam Seva

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(Min Rs 501/ Seva)
Donation In Name of
Devotees Prasadam (50 nos)
Sunday Feast
Festival Prasadam (Around 2000 nos)

Only donations from within India are permitted.

For making donations from abroad please contact
+91 - 88700 16108
+91 - 96556 26108

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Please Note :-
Donation Receipt Shall be sent to you in the Name as you have filled in the text boxes Legal Name and Last Name.
We do not accept Anonymous Donation, hence we request you to fill in all your details, so that a receipt can be sent to you. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.
The Name mentioned next to each donation service is for reference sake, either if it is being done in memory of a person, or if the person is a minor or on behalf of any other person. The donation receipt shall bear the Name of the Person making the actual donation and through whose credit card it is being done. Hence please ensure that in the Text boxes Legal Name and Last Name, you mention the name of the person actually making the donation, using his own credit card.
3) Life membership cannot be in any one else's Name other than the person whose name appears in textboxes Legal Name and Last Name.
Donation made by Residents Indians from within India are entitled to Income Tax Benefits Under Section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961, BUT ONLY IF YOU MENTION YOUR PAN NUMBER WHILE MAKING THE DONATION. Not applicable for donations made by Foreign Residents or Non Resident Indians.